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…. join our list of satisfied Kenya Safari tour participants.

Our Mission

To provide you with the experience of a lifetime. Not only are our Kenya Safari Tours incredibly exciting, adventurous and truly unforgettable, they are also surprisingly affordable. Spanning Nairobi, the Kenyan coastline, and each game reserve which this stunning African country has to offer, our safari trips and excursions are purposely engineered to vary in style and length, thus suiting any and all participants.

Our Vision

To continue putting smiles on faces, and amazing memories in the minds of each and every one of our safari trip customers, we aim to maintain our reputation as a leading provider of quality. Kenya safaris that match any budget, and continue to offer unrivaled levels of personal interaction during our safari excursions. A luxury afforded to us by our modest size. Our provision of customized Kenya Safari Trips is no doubt contributory to the overwhelming amount of positive reviews we have received meanwhile, and we are constantly targeting further improvement in this regard.

Included in those are four-wheel drive land cruisers, which can be driven by customers in some instances upon their own request, at a supplementary cost.You also gain the chance to sight see via air and sea transport, whilst the opportunity to ride the legendary Mombasa-Nairobi overnight train presents itself. No matter how you travel, our commitment to providing a dedicated tour guide to accompany you remains a marked constant.These local experts are devoted to offering all they know about Kenya’s diverse wildlife, landscape and culture, as well as steering you to the finest vantage points this fascinating nation sports. In addition to this, we remain wholly committed to ensuring our customers can choose from an extensive variety of accommodation types, per-selected before embarking upon their African adventure. Luxury tented camps and lodges, economy lodges and beach hotels are just some of the styles available dependent upon the location and length of your venture. Thus, you can again be assured there is something for everyone on your safari vacation, even in terms of accommodation.

Our Pledge

To make your dreams come true. The only way to truly understand how amazing of an experience a Kenya safari holiday is, is to actually embark upon one. We provide the platform to do that at an incredibly competitive price. We will continue to customize packages to suit any and all customers, while striving to make your safari trip or excursion truly one of the greatest experiences of your entire life.

Our Clients

Our clients range from locals, international tourists, along with corporate and executive teams; all looking forward to an amazing experience, which we aim to provide. Our company is a leading event executive group in Mombasa. With many years of professional experience within the industry, we make sure we deliver the best team building events to all our clients. With immense thoughts and great knowledge, we aim to create a unique and outstanding experience for you.

We pride ourselves in client prioritization, as our clients always come first. We consider their wants and needs in order to ensure a pleasant experience with us. Our experienced and skilled team will assure the success of your time while with us at, Coast Camping Tours & Safaris  as we create inspirational ideas. If you are searching for an event company in any other place in the coast, then be certain to contact us today. Clients please complete the simple contact form and submit in our website. Then, our team coordinators will contact you shortly.

We have a good reputation and years of experience in organizing team building events. We make sure to deliver extraordinary events. We assist you in finding the ideal spot to conduct your event from our local venues database. Further, we build firm business affiliations with hoteliers, suppliers and local authorities.

Our main goal is to help our corporate clients to make their events successful.

Our Policies and Restrictions

Coast Camping Tours & Safaris reserves the right to refuse to transport or retain any person as a member of the tour. If you witness any disorderly conduct or suspect any problem with a fellow passenger during the tour, please notify your guide. Any individual under the age of 10 must be accompanied by a person 15 years of age or older at all times. The use or consumption of alcohol and smoking products is strictly prohibited on our excursions. Coast Camping Tours & Safaris is not liable for any personal injuries caused during our tours. Additionally, please be aware of your personal items as we are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged goods. Coast Camping Tours & Safaris makes every effort to provide on time service. However, it does not guarantee its departure and arrival times. Which may be delayed due to various factors including weather, traffic, road conditions, mechanical problems and any other conditions beyond our control. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Our Refund & Cancellation Policy

Upon booking an excursion with Coast Camping Tours & Safaris 50% payment of  your trip is required. Cancellation is required 72 to 48hrs prior to your trip date. Failure to cancel 48hrs prior to your trip will result in a non refundable payment.

Note: For the WASINI day excursion, Service begins and ends within Mombasa island, thus if you live outside Mombasa island a supplement of US$ 10 per person for those staying at Shanzu, Bamburi, and Nyali beach resorts shall apply.